Monday, 18 February 2013

"The Night Light Monster" continued...


A quick late night post before I fly off showing some stills from the film and crediting some of those who worked on it.

First some information about the film and how we got the opportunity to make it. =)

In April 2011 our studio Fabrique d'Images held a competition to pitch a 10 minute short film. The winner of this competition would have the opportunity to direct their story, so naturally everyone in the studio jumped at the chance! It was a very exciting month for all of us and it created a wonderful buzz in the studio loft.

I wrote and pitched a short film about a little girl who conjures up a friendly "Night Light Monster" from her imagination in order to help her overcome her fears of the dark.

After lots of voting (internal and external), "The Night Light Monster" made it through!

It was very exciting as I was allowed to pick my own team and have some really lovely people work on it with me. It was very special to see everyone so enthusiastic about my story which made the whole process all the more enjoyable. Thank you everyone who worked on it, you made my year!

Special thanks to character designers Gillian Reid (girl design) and Vickie Keriel (Night Light Monster design). 

For the original pitch I wasn't sure if we should go for a traditional animation/cut-out mix. However, as soon as our head of animation Vianney Thomas did some tests with the characters, it was clear it had to be full on traditional as his animation was so lovely! (will hopefully be able to show a clip in the next post).

Alongside this we were really fortunate to get a very skillful team of animators and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Big thank you to Geoff King, Robbi Kadar and Mauro Minazzato =)

My biggest mention of thanks has to go to Jessica Toth (Lead Storyboard Artist), who helped across every aspect of the film and gave lots of support throughout the whole year. She was a pleasure to work with and will be greatly missed when I'm on my travels!

A final mention to background artists Michal Golec and Maia Zeidan who were so enjoyable to work alongside!

There are a lot of people I haven't mentioned yet as I can see this post is just turning into a massive "thank you, thank you, thank you".

So just let it be known...thanks to everyone!! It was a great year =D

Fingers crossed for the festival rounds, I will keep you all updated on any news I receive =)

Goodbye for now! See you next time from the other side of the world and one day in the future!

Nicola x


  1. Conratulations once again on such a great achievement! I'm glad it sounds like you had an awesome experience - a well deserved trip does seem in order! So take care and have fun! n.n
    (I wanna see this now! :3)

  2. Thanks Laurent! Should be able to put a little clip up soon =)

  3. This looks absolutely gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see it!

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