Sunday, 17 February 2013

Off to Australia! (shakey knees)


Very soon I will be going on a long trip where I will be as physically active as possible to contrast with my intense year of sitting in front of a computer screen (feeling a bit like a blob). Before I fly off I wanted to make an updated portfolio which can be found HERE

Mostly it's just a few pieces I have done for fun or for my last project at Fabrique. It will be treated as an ongoing portfolio that I can add to and edit as the months go on - especially on the observation front!

Additionally I will set up a travel blog for mass amounts of photos and a place for me to jot down everything that is inspiring me! You will no doubt see pictures of me hugging whatever kind of interesting animal I can find that wont bite me, sting me, poison me, kick me or eat me whole.

Fingers crossed I will meet some wonderful new people and see some fascinating new things! =)

Until next time!


  1. oooh I love travelling, where are you planning to go? It will influence your art like you would never believe!

    1. Ahhhh I hope so!! *excited*

      I fly into Sydney on the 20th, spend a little while getting my bearings and sight seeing then see what feels right to do next! =)

      First time doing something like this so I guess I'm trying to balance out planning and "going with the flow".

  2. Oh wooow Nic!!!
    I looove these!
    She's looking cooler ad cooler, I wonder what stories you have for her going on in your noodle...