Friday, 22 July 2011

..again poses!

Pretty much trying to spend a couple of hours a day doing these to try get better. Starting to look a bit samey though will have to find some other things to post to mix it up a bit!


  1. Nice to see all this figurative work :)
    In particular the 1st in this post and especially the 2nd in the previous post (love all the angles) are very strong poses.
    Don't stop posting these! I think it's clear you understand what you're drawing, but perhaps it's just the WAY you're drawing them that makes it a bit samey - don't worry, I have the same problem! :/ Try using the medium differently, or try another medium all together :)
    Great Work,

  2. Thanks for the advice i really appreciate it! When it comes to figure drawing i always feel a bit lost, more so when out and about i haven't quite got the method down yet at drawing people who won't sit still! Hopefully some of these still ones will prepare me better..

    I will definitely try mixing up the use of the medium! thanks again!! =)

  3. very dynamic poses! Oh and cool white cat in a previous post :)

  4. WOW!!
    These are yummy!!
    REally nice line work. Very fluid!
    Very pretty!!
    More please :P
    Big squishy hugs for you,